How Much Does an Electric Water Heater Cost in France

Whether you plan in living in France or just visiting, a good electric water heater is a must. Particularly in urban areas, it is simply unfeasible to purchase a gas water heater, as both the hot water heater and powering it will prove prohibitively expensive. Fortunately, there are a number of tips you can follow to find the best hot water heaters in France while saving both money and time. With this peerless advice from longtime residents, you’ll never have to take a cold shower again. water heater tank in a bathroom 1. Know What You Should Pay A good baseline when working with French water heaters is about 250€ for a 150L tank. At this price, you can expect to get a good quality self-installation tank with a warranty of several years. If you need a larger capacity tank, prices increase at a linear rate: a 300L tank will run you a little less than 500€. Look for deals, but be wary of sites offering hot water heaters for significantly less than this, as there is almost always some hidden cost. 2. Go Big, or at Least Medium Unfortunately, due to the way that water heater manufacturing works, smaller heaters are unlikely to save you a significant amount of money. Even 100 L heaters will cost about 220€ on average. In general, you should buy the biggest water heater your home or apartment can support, up to 150L or so. Otherwise you’re losing out on value. 3. Look for the Temp Different water heaters are set to maintain different constant temperatures. The average in France is about 65 degrees, but many, especially those given to taking baths instead of showers, will want a hotter base temperatures. Fortunately, its possible to purchase heaters with base temperatures as high as 85 degrees, with even hotter temperatures available for those willing to pay a premium. In general, larger tanks tend to allow for higher temperatures. 4. Don’t Be Intimidated By Self-Setup Most water heater manufacturers ask that you put together your water heater yourself. Those that don’t generally ask for a significant fee. While this can be worthwhile if you have the extra money to spend and are worried about making errors, in reality most hot water heaters in France are very modular and easy to assemble. The majority have less than seven individual parts, and come with helpful manuals with diagrams showing how to construct the device. Photo by Gaelan D’costa

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