The Best Places To Visit In Limousin, France

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Limousin is situated in a region of France that is sometimes ignored by tourists due to it’s mostly rural locality. Despite the high concentration of industries such as cattle raising and logging, Limousin has a vast and diverse number of historical and downright interesting locations which should never be left out of a trip to the region. Situated in the central, Southwestern area of the country, Limousin features some intensely engrossing spectacles which will intrigue folks of all ages and interests.
The following is a starting list of some of the most incredible places to visit in the region.

The Old Town of Oradour-sur-Glane

Quite possibly the most emotionally powerful place that a person can visit in Limousin is the Old Town section of Oradour-sur-Glane. During World War 2, the village was the site of a massive and despicable tragedy carried out by Hitler’s SS men. The entire population of 642 villagers were brutally murdered in cold blood.
Preservation is the key to what makes the Old Town so special. Since that disturbing day in 1944, the government has continually elected to leave the site in it’s original condition. The area is most appreciable for it’s stunning and thought provoking history, however, the architecture and traditional styles that populate the location leave many visitors speechless. This is truly an area of immense historical value that anyone can find appreciation in visiting.

Gare de Limoges

This railway station is not so much the typical tourist attraction, but it offers up fantastic inspiration in regard to human ingenuity and perseverance. The Art Deco styled building features an incredible domed interior that is tastefully lighted in the dark hours. It is certainly not a sight to be missed for those visiting the city.

Les Jardins de Colette

Colette’s Gardens were originally created as an ode to one of France’s most talented and celebrated female writers. Located in the city of Varetz, and designed and created by the famed landscape architect, Anouk Debarre, the gardens opened in May of 2008.
Though still in it’s infancy, the site of the gardens feature an ever growing standard of beauty that lends complement to the 6 individual regions of France in which the author, Colette, lived throughout her life. Specific plants were chosen as representations of her ever changing works. The garden’s highlight is a five thousand square meter floral maze in the shape of a butterfly.

Hippodrome de Pompadour

The Pompadour Racecourse is a unique destination for the region. Visitors can enjoy classic horse racing styles, such as steeplechases, hurdles, and even flat racing. Betting is welcome for the discriminating sports-man, or -woman. The festive and inviting atmosphere is safe and welcoming to families as well as bettors. The course is located in a picturesque area of Limousin and is sure to please all who choose to attend.

The region of Limousin has so much to offer tourists and visitors alike. With it’s perfect meshing of history, culture, nature, and traditional French architecture and ideals, Limousin is simply not a region to miss seeing.

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