Visiting Limousin Area by Car

The Limousin region of France is the home to beautiful countryside villages that are rich in history dating back to the Middle Ages and beyond. The area is known for its organically raised livestock that graze amidst the ruins of ancient medieval structures. The small region is big on outdoor activities that take advantage of its gorgeous scenery that surround lively rivers and lakes. One of the best ways for visitors to get the most out of a trip to Limousin is to rent a car and start exploring some of its most famous spots.

Countryside of France

Best Places To Visit While in Limousin

Limousin is one of the least populous regions of France so visitors find uncrowded attractions to tour while on vacation there. Here is a descriptive list of three of the top most popular places to visit in the region.

Village of Turenne

#1 Village of Turenne. This quaint hamlet is known as the prettiest village in France. This beautiful town is complete with a castle, a romantic countryside, and luxury serviced apartment villas that guarantee a wonderful French vacation. The castle is not the only remnant of this area’s rich historic roots. Area caves have paintings and rock carvings that are reportedly from the prehistoric era.

The Dorgogne Valley

#2 The Dorgogne Valley. The Village of Turenne is also in this picturesque valley known for its outdoor water sport activities. Both man made and artificial lakes abound in the Dorgogne Valley, and it has become an area known for sailing, fishing, and canoeing. Other nature enthusiasts find the gardens of Marqueyssac a memorable spot to tour. Manicured paths wind through this extensive, lush botanical play ground. Guests may also visit the gardens’ terrace café after working up an appetite walking the grounds.


#3 Aubusson. In the past, the Limousin region did not get by on its good looks alone. It was also home to some leading industries such as porcelain, enamel, and tapestry over the years. Aubusson was the headquarters of its tapestry industry. The town, considered a Roman-founded port of old, gained world renown for tapestry and carpet weaving due to a heavy influx of immigrant artisans to the area. A museum commemorating the accomplishments of the area’s inhabitants to the tapestry industry is also a popular attraction.

Chevrolet Equinox Rent

Getting Around Limousin

Even though the automobile derives its name from the town, Limousin is not known for providing limousine service so the area’s visitors must rely on more traditional means of transportation. Car rental agencies are available in many of Limousin’s towns. Fuel efficient vehicles such as the chevrolet equinox rent for reasonable rates and is perfect for those serious about outdoor adventure.

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