5 reasons why American tourists love visiting France

For decades, Americans continue to visit France and escape to a romantic location that proves to be a spectacular place to spend time in. Approximately 78 percent of Americans favor the country, making for a highly-regarded location that continues to draw in more tourism from around the world. Although Americans are not always vocal about their passion for France, there are a few reasons why they continue to visit the destination.

1. The Cuisine

In a fast food culture that does not get to experience handcrafted cuisine, it’s fair to say that Americans enjoy trying new tastes that are superb and more flavorful than food found in America. Between aged cheese to delicate chocolates, France offers some of the most delicious food in the world, which Americans aren’t shy about indulging in. France is known for also using more fine ingredients, making for recipes that are exceptional and more fresh in taste.

2. The Views

Whether traveling along the Mediterranean coastline of southeast France or taking in the views that inspired Monet at Giverny, there are a number of beautiful views to experience when traveling through France. A diverse amount of landscapes are available with hotels that sit on banks of water to acres of flowers that are located in Champagne-Ardenne.

3. The Language

Americans continue to be captivated by the fluidity of the French language, wanting to learn more and even carry on a conversation when they visit the country. They often prepare for the language by reading books, taking lessons, and visiting translation services san diego at www.textualis.com for a chance to take part in speaking the beautiful language with ease.

4. The Architecture

Between the Palace of Versailles to the massive structure of the Arc de Triomphe, plenty of architecture that dates back hundreds of years can be seen throughout France. Americans enjoy the magic of walking down cobblestone walkways and taking photos of beautiful buildings that look similar to a storybook.

5. The History

Americans who visit France are often interested in learning about the history of each location that they visit and are intrigued by the rich background of the country. Between the rise of Napoleon to the lavish lifestyle of Marie Antoinette, it allows them to have a greater appreciation of the most popular events in history that were known to take place throughout France.

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