Planning A Long Road Trip: Should You Buy A Used Car Or Rent One?

If you are planning a road trip longer than one week long, you may be considering an alternative vehicle for the adventure. Your personal car may have seen better days or it may be so new that you don’t want to devalue it in any excessive way. Generally, a long road trip is well-suited to renting a car, depending on many variables.

Used Car Pricing

Used cars are not just jalopies anymore. Many cars are expired lease vehicles with low mileage. Because used cars last for as long as 200,000 miles, their prices are not incredibly cheap. For good quality used cars Calgary, you are looking at a price tag of several thousand dollars.

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Car Rental Pricing

Long road trips typically require a larger vehicle to hold passengers and luggage. Mid-size cars are often rented for $250 to $270 per week. Unless your road trip extends into several months, renting a car is much more reasonable than buying a used car.


Trust Factor

Long road trips take you into areas you have never been before, creating an adventurous time for everyone. If you are driving through questionable areas, such as poor urban neighborhoods, you want a car to rely on. You do not want the car to breakdown at the worst time. Although used cars are reliable if they have been well-maintained, you may have doubts in your mind because it is brand new to you. Renting a car means that you are guaranteed a good vehicle under contract.


Used Car

Fuel Consumption

Renting a fuel efficient, hybrid car is a better deal than buying a used car. Although you pay the standard weekly rate, the vehicle costs less to run during the trip compared to other standard engine models. If you bought a used car for a cheap price, it typically has poor gas mileage rates because of age and wear. Ask your rental company for a hybrid vehicle specifically to keep your gas budget under control.


Considering The Family Car

Don’t overlook your own vehicle. Unless it has chronic problems, it may be less expensive to run than both used car purchases or rentals combined. Weigh your advantages and disadvantages. If you are looking to purchase a new car soon, there should be no problems taking the old car on the long road trip. You save money on a rental and save up for a new car purchase.

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