The Riches of Limoges

Driving through France provides you with a medley of spectacular images and attractions. Even though it is not a traditional tourist destination, Limoges offers you a quaint and enriching experience. Limoges is the capital of the Limousin region and features a long history beginning in the early middle ages. Whether you are traveling alone or with your family on holiday, travel to Limoges for an experience that creates lasting impressions.

Limoges Architecture


There are a bevy of fine pieces of architecture for you to see in Limoges such as the town hall and the magnificent Cathedral of Saint-Etienne. This medieval structure was constructed over six centuries. In the historic center of the town, you find the Church of Saint Michel des Lions. This church features a copper ball at the summit of the bell tower and two lions from Roman times guarding the door.

Limoges Gardens


Located next to the cathedral is the bishop’s gardens. These grand gardens feature lawns and ponds that guide you to a spectacular vista of Limoges. Visit the Limoges botanical gardens and continue toward the town along the Vienne River that provide you with a terrific views of the 13th century stone bridge across the river.

Limoges Train Station

Train Station

Limoges has great pride for its train station. Found to the north of the historic center, the station features a towering clock tower and high dome both covered in copper. If you enjoy Art Deco styles, take note of the structures stained glass windows.


If porcelain intrigues you, follow the river path to the Ancien Four a Porcelaine des Casseaux. This route takes you to the kiln dating back to 1904. Porcelain Boulevard features a bevy of porcelain shops to explore. The cultural institutions of Limoges exhibit the importance of the porcelain industry for the history of the town as well.

Limoges Museums


At the National Porcelain Museum, admire some very fine examples of local and international porcelain craft. The Bishop’s Palace Museum is housed in a grand building from the 18th century. In addition to some fine porcelain works, the museum has in its collection of impressionist paintings works by Renoir, who came from Limoges.

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