What to do in Limousin France

France’s Limousin region is the perfect place for nature lovers to explore. This area, also known as the French Lake District, is filled with lakes, rivers, and forests for outdoor sports enthusiasts. Hiking, biking, and water sports are quite popular here. Golf is another favorite sport among the locals. Canoeing, market picnics, music festivals, and Christmas fairs are just a few examples of the array of events that regularly take place in Limousin.
Limousin also has a very rich cultural history, including a number of ancient churches and chateaux among the numerous quaint villages and towns. Some examples include the Chapelle Saint Aurelien in Limoges, as well as the Gare de Limoges in the same region. These small local towns have a long history of folklore dating back from Roman times and include stories of sorcerers, werewolves, and saints. Other legends revolve around more recent stories from World War II. Many tourists visit Oradour-sur-Glane to witness the ruins of war and find what remains to be sad and haunting. Copy DVD to find out more about what you could do in Limousin.

You can own a piece of history when shopping in Limousin when you attend a vide grenier, or attic sale. While they go by many names such as garage sales or flea markets, these sales allow shoppers to find unusual vintage items. Some sales are held by antique dealers and require clever negotiating skills, but they are always a fun experience for customers who love to browse through French treasures.

There are a number of tours and classes available in the Limousin region. The world renowned Limoges brand of porcelain is synonymous with luxury and refinement. A visit to the Bernadaud Porcelain Factory in Limoges is a wonderful opportunity to tour this facility. The factory tour is a highlight for many tourists. For a lesson in French cooking, Cook’in Coujou in Brive-la-Gaillarde is a fun way to learn how to cook with Parisian flair. With an extensive kitchen and impressive chefs, you will soon be preparing meals like a proper French cook.

The Limousin region of France has something for every visitor. From eccentric outdoor markets and nature adventures to interesting classes and tours, there is never a dull moment in the quaint villages of this quiet French Lake District. Limousin is also known for their music and many of their artists host Montreal events and shows.

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