How Much Does an Electric Water Heater Cost in France

water heater tank in a bathroom

Whether you plan in living in France or just visiting, a good electric water heater is a must. Particularly in urban areas, it is simply unfeasible to purchase a gas water heater, as both the hot water heater and powering …

5 reasons why Canadian tourists choose France as vacation spot

France landscape

There are five reasons why Canadian tourists choose France as a vacation spot. France has an ideal climate for people who want to escape a cold Canadian winter. Temperatures in January in the city of Nice on the Mediterranean coast …

Top 5 Best Selling Clothing Items Among French Women in 2014

fashion models on a runway

Do you have a French sense of style? Are you looking for inspiration from the models, magazines and moneymakers of current French fashion? You aren’t alone: More and more designers are turning to this stylish European country for ideas. If …

5 reasons why American tourists love visiting France

For decades, Americans continue to visit France and escape to a romantic location that proves to be a spectacular place to spend time in. Approximately 78 percent of Americans favor the country, making for a highly-regarded location that continues to …

Car issues: how to know if your mechanic is right


Many people are naturally skeptical when their mechanic says something specific is wrong with their vehicle. This is especially true when it seems as though the mechanic’s quotes just keep climbing upwards. If you feel a little skeptical about your …

Planning A Long Road Trip: Should You Buy A Used Car Or Rent One?

Used Car

If you are planning a road trip longer than one week long, you may be considering an alternative vehicle for the adventure. Your personal car may have seen better days or it may be so new that you don’t want …

Limoges Porcelain

A Little History of Limoges France

What to do in Limousin France

The Ultimate Shopping Guide for Your Romantic French Wedding

alfred angelo bridal gown

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Ah, the beauty of France–the perfect location for your nuptials! But one doesn’t have to live in France to duplicate the elegance and grace of a dreamy French-inspired wedding. All the components of …